About the Company

Sometimes the best solution is the most simple one. rEVO Biologics, Inc. is grounded in that principle. Through an entirely groundbreaking approach to biologics and with a focus on rare diseases we are changing healthcare for the better.

The company was developed to answer the challenges of recombinant medicine: how to develop therapies that are easier, faster to produce in larger quantities and accessible to a greater number of patients in niche markets. We’ve demonstrated it with our lead product, ATryn® Antithrombin (Recombinant), the first and only antithrombin concentrate not derived from pooled plasma. 

Our focus began with an emphasis on treating rare diseases but today, we’re so much more. We’re reaching more markets and making a larger impact. rEVO Biologics is an LFB group company, a biopharmaceutical group that develops, manufactures and markets medicinal products for the treatment of serious and often rare diseases. And we are growing, generating revenue and reaching an ever-greater number of patients with much-needed therapies.

At rEVO Biologics, we are revolutionizing the development of life-changing and life-saving medications for rare diseases to help improve patient care.